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So Bjarne finally sold the site huh

Very fishy

Hello Colorles,

Greeting! Life goes on and so does feeling of fishiness 🙂

But it does not stop you from a little talk, so welcome and have a good one!

Appreciate your optimism

With that said, I'm curious as to your knowledge of this site (Moviecodec) and its offshoot ( - the domain of which you now own

Dear colorles,

I always dive deep into what I do, so yes, I spent a couple of days researching and I found Bjarne had created a great community and contributed with a lot of his codec work (and yes, the lonely stuff 🙂 ). I have been L1-L3 tech with IBM and Dell, so it is in my area of expertise to take up further development of this endeavor of his.

I can assure you, You will not be disappointed.