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pre WRITTEN Rap lyrics

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05-05-2011 03:46 AM
A Day as a Lion

You stupid crooks
try to blast at me
I stabbed your God
at his chest you prepare
a casket for me
the fucking blood of Gods
drip from my lips
I’m hardcore violence like
the Bloods and the Crips
You want to murder me
I’m way ahead of you
like you can further see
meet me at the sea
I’ll drown your nation
like Moses in the Genesis
I am the most illest
lepers flee from me like
I’m the holocaust
I’m holy 'cause
these words I spit
are like diamonds
inside a pit of shit
you piece of shit
I choke you with the
right hand feeling like
the man then bury my
fist in your face that’ll
take you to a place
where demons’ll steal your heart
and give you something to chase/

05-12-2011 09:55 PM
Joined: 04-11-2011
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Down.... Down... Down.. .
Falling down i trip and stumble
to try and stay humble
but I’m ready to rumble
while you sit and mumble
I crash through your castle
and watch it crumble
I am the god of thunder
do you ever sit and wonder
or ponder of the wonders of life
why we feel pain and strife
like a knife through the heart
man it can tear us apart
so I sit and depart
on the boat with no heart
and leave for the place
where I can be ACE/

05-12-2011 10:06 PM
Joined: 04-11-2011
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Yo I blast at the scene
while I cum in your face
your face full of disgrace
while I smash through the place
I’m a fucking tornado
ripping up everything
I am the baddest in the planet
you want my crown?
well you can’t have it silly rabbit
you got to earn that shit
and quit spittin' wack shit
and do what I say cuz I’m the dopest
ask the pope--never mind his opinion doesn’t matter
cuz I’ll serve his head for you in a serving platter
followed by my laughter
I’m so fucking funny man!
I met the Joker from Batman
he’s so funny I punched him in the face
while he thought he was ace
I guess he couldn’t face the fact
that I’m the fucking ACE!!!!!!!!!

05-12-2011 10:38 PM

I drench my mouth upon the seas of blood
to quench my thirst I am the first hooded
demon my throne is in hell where you can
hear the screams of the fiends minds locked
in a cell you can tell by the agony I felt
A thousand years of solitude can drive a
man insane but I am no man I am
the Devil who’ll liveD forever fuck it I am
the SLUURMONGER the devilish delicious delicately
detrimental to society I grab young children
and smash the with my fist I trample
beggars on the streets and elevate demonic
humans above the poor lazy mother strikers
I rape and steal innocence of the beauty
of mans daughters I strike mothers in
the face in this place I steal your heart
and run while you chase hopelessly
and get ready to embrace the sweet touch of Morpheus/

05-13-2011 02:40 AM
Joined: 04-11-2011
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Just Ramble
I am the King
the Emperor and the Priest
I strike hard and fast
best believe me before your heart gets pierced
I am the master of disaster chaos and peace
One with the Sun
the vulture who gave me a gun
coolness emanates from my skin
I’m in it to win it not in it to sin
because i never miss the mark
I’m like Stark from Iron Man
I’m the man with the plan
the skills to pay the bills
I play in the Hills
I pushed Jack 'n Jill off the hill
I’m the King of the Hill
now pay me the bills mother strikah/

05-13-2011 02:57 AM
Joined: 04-11-2011
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I who am
WHO AM I?!!!!
WHO AM I?!!!!!!!
I am the motherfucker the bastard son
If I were you the last thing you want to
give me is a fucking gun
I’m the master of this world you think
it’s the demon I killed that bitch and now
I’m rich now I’m on his throne just like
NAS said the world is mine my mind is
at peace despite the horror you find in my
lyrics do I disturb you well this is nothing
compared to the holocaust motherfucker
so sit back and relax and enjoy the show
but if you start acting like a bitch then
prepare for war I’ve been a prisoner of
war trapped in a cage of Religion and False
love but I unlocked the cage with my Questions
motherfucker free as a bird not free as a
monster the demons I’ve slain their names
got it under control no need for police patrol
Do you see how I roll while you bitches crawl
I shot myself in the head now the words
be spilling on this bed of paper now
back the fuck up or else I’ll shut your lips
with a stapler/

05-15-2011 07:50 PM
Joined: 04-15-2011
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Paradaisic Prototype
Paradaisic Prototype
Rep: 5

Yo this is some tight shit right here haha


I spit the first verse to force the worst curse to end the cursed curse.

05-16-2011 02:16 AM
Joined: 04-15-2011
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Paradaisic Prototype
Paradaisic Prototype
Rep: 5

This is just a first draft I don’t know what to title it yet.

Yo the battlefield full of dead bodies
some of them bodies of somebodies
son or daughter it’s a fuckin slaughter
in the wind you can hear a sinister laughter
coming from a place you can’t chase after
I am the verbal General who gave the word to the sword
I commanded this slaughter
to conquest to be the best yes better than the rest
I put their soul to rest it was no contest
from east to west north to south
I killed them all from the words of my mouth
but the war ain’t over the worst is yet to come
we need to regroup reorder and get ready
to face the evil and recover from the wounds inflicted
so deep our blood still seeps and our mothers still weep
over the horizon the darkness creeps
and sweeps the battlefield with shadows
in the dark my foes lurk with smirks on their faces
but I know they’re all cowards too scared to face us
they’re afraid to be scarred
in the light is where you’ll perceive our
might is ten times the power of the Dragon’s flight and
ten times the force of ten thousand Knights
it’s evident we inflict fright upon our enemies
they crawl back into the caves out of our sight
though evil will not prevail over our unstoppable Rights.


I spit the first verse to force the worst curse to end the cursed curse.

05-19-2011 08:04 PM
Joined: 04-11-2011
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I’m sitting here all alone writing a verse

first things first I need to empty my soul

then listen to my heart yo my heart is whole

why can’t everyone be like me yo live peacefully?

I overstand you feel pain but so do I

you don’t see me whine and gripe

you don’t hear me complain but I do cry

suicide even crossed my mind I wanted to die

but what I really wanted to do is live in the sky

somewhere high where I can see the whole world

these words that I spit seem to be attracted to me

I just want to be all I can be

don’t care too much about what’s on t.v.

Just waiting for the end yo I need a best friend

the loneliness rocked my mind

trapped in a cage outside of time

I’m left with nothing but these words to rhyme

words that used to punish my mind

I never did a crime all I did was think too much

wonder about God and Life and such

Everlasting life would that be possible?

Are you the same person that said nothing is impossible?

every question every answer

every door every key

Could you please open one for me?

I’m not trying to get in

I’m trying to get out

once I get out

I’m a shout

and say

Now I am Free!

09-19-2011 10:16 AM
peter davids

she got that good good she MCHAL JaCSON bad
and im attracted to her for her attracted back
and now we murders because we kill times i nock her lights out
she is still shining
they call me peter pan come yere man i say dont call
me peter pan i am superman yhe....................
5 letters for you YMCMB ................. big black ice watch
i got a nike shop not a star some boby liying
i got a choper in my car

09-28-2011 09:51 PM

That was best yo I rap to I write my own!!!!!

09-29-2011 08:18 AM
Joined: 09-27-2011
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Pre Written Lyrics

I’mma bust a nut in yo face n i’ll be swayze baby
If B.I.G can say it I can say no intention to be shady
cos you’re
Slimmer than a dinner for the sick kids livin in an igloo in the winter
you can’t touch me i’mma winner
so if you wanna come get nearer i’mma blayze you baby
get splifted paved the way so crazy
cos i’m
bigger than a dinner for the poppa known as biggie I gotta love his music where dyou think i heard the word Swayze
so hot shot down murderers are shameless
rhymes hot locked down
tell me what my name is....
nah I aint famous not yet girl
lemme in yo life n I’mma rock that world
beats up beats down no producer can top this
I’m on ice so hot if ya wanna come n stop this
may aswell lemme rock this
is the way I see it eminems on his last legs
nah this aint a joke I’m the next one to top this
white rap stage everybody come n rock this

09-29-2011 08:20 AM
Joined: 09-27-2011
Posts: 19
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missed a line out haha

Spit it fast ish up to the endo of this line >>>Where dyou think I heard the word swayze

Missed out line >>>Every track has a meanin everybody knows that plays em

10-09-2011 09:20 PM
Joined: 10-09-2011
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get at me if ya need a rap written and do abit of rap meself if u get time have a listen to this n give feedback n all will be returned

Edited 10-09-2011 09:22 PM by Podge-AYD
10-10-2011 01:55 PM
Joined: 06-14-2011
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Comin in with that mac 11 Iím strapped up
Throw the deuces to my nigga they knows wus up
murder on my mind shits bout to get bloody
Kurt Cobain jokes your head gonna look funny
yea you an underground rapper yu 6 feet deep
my gun talk shit for me it put you to sleep
a gangsta nigga donít even need a peice duck my fist
the only thing real about you is that you exist
Iím harder then a rock and more cold then an Eskimo
got this lean in my cup boutta hit dat matrix slow mo

10-14-2011 08:02 AM

Life is a game, and i am a player
I’ll stab you with a sword like the best dragon slayer

You come at me strong, i come aat you stronger
Embrace your life, it aint gon be much longer

Step by step, youre comin at me
there is pain in your future i can clearly see

You better stop and think, dont know what i can bring,
Im gon just do my thing, because I am the king

11-20-2011 07:40 PM
eminems numba 1 fan

First of all im a white 11 year old boy
Go slim shady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there aint nothin i hate worse
than than all these bitches tryna lift my curse
they can all come suck my dick
even if im a prick
i can whip yo ass
before you can get yo life on track
look i aint tryna make no friends
to be with me till the very end
im just tryna fit in with the rest of the group
before my life goes loop-de-loop
i got a girlfriend
but that dont make my life end
it might make me go round a bend
but i can recover
and then go tell my lover
ill just go rap till my life end
and then be just like Eminem
but then again
im tryna send
myself over all the other wannabe rappers
i know im white but i aint no crapper
callin me a turd
thats absurd
youre the one shittin like a bird
i know im smart but i aint no geek
all your lyrics sound so meek
i can rap faster than your sorry ass will hear
yo mom will be like “aint you a dear”
but youll be sittin there
yankin out yo hair
i can also steal yo girl
and thatll just ruin yo world
my raps almost over
then the worldll be like terra nova
“Oh my god what the hell
sounds quieter than when tupac fell down a well!"

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