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is a touch screen on a laptop really worth the extra money?

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08-03-2013 03:20 AM
Joined: 03-24-2013
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Dr. Smoothy
Dr. Smoothy
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I’m looking for a new computer for college right now and a lot of them offer a touch screen. The thing is, they’re often about $150 more than others of similar (or sometimes higher) specs. So is there any real use for a touch screen that i have to reach over the keyboard to use? Or should I just pick up a regular, non-fingerprint absorbing laptop


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08-03-2013 03:22 AM
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Lance The Duck Made From Used Condoms
Lance The Duck Made From Used Condoms
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I just stick to regular laptops.


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08-03-2013 03:52 AM
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Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle
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Just pick a normal laptop since the whole touch screen thing seems pointless.
It’s just another gimmick that people think “Touch is superior to anything."


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08-03-2013 03:53 AM
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Touch screens are overrated and gimmicky.


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08-03-2013 03:53 AM
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See you space cowboys
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GUMI wrote: Just pick a normal laptop since the whole touch screen thing seems pointless.
It’s just another gimmick that people think “Touch is superior to anything.“

Pretty much.

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08-03-2013 04:01 AM
Joined: 08-03-2011
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The Brothers Grimm
The Brothers Grimm
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The good thing for you is you should be able to pick up a laptop at much cheaper seeing as though the touch screen has much higher demand


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08-03-2013 04:02 AM
Joined: 11-19-2012
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Chocolate The Terminator
Chocolate The Terminator
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Mo money mo problems

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08-03-2013 04:02 AM
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Damnit bobby.
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Ladd Russo wrote: Touch screens are overrated and gimmicky.

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08-03-2013 04:10 AM
Joined: 04-25-2012
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I don’t think so. That’s one of the reasons why they have tablets.

And it depends how much the touchscreen is gonna add to the labtop. If a labtop goes up $100 just because it has a touchscreen, then I wouldn’t buy it.

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08-03-2013 06:40 AM
Joined: 05-21-2013
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Duck Butter
Duck Butter
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Touch screen keyboards are annoying as fuck just go with the labtop.


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